Added on by Eric Johnston.

In this new collection of drawings I explore what would happen if sets for adult films were designed and created with intention. Pornography uses visual imagery to evoke a physical response from the viewer. Similarly, interior design can create a certain feeling or mood for those who experience a space. These drawings explore the intersection of those two ideas.

Into these set designs I incorporate elements that might already be familiar to the viewer—classic furniture styles, art deco patterns, works of art, or even beloved childhood icons. How does seeing these recognizable images change the viewer’s interaction with what is happening in these rooms? How might these settings change the way the actors in these films perform and interact with each other?

My studies in structure often embody people, ideas, or events through fantastical (and sometimes impossible) architecture. These drawings are a natural extension of my interest in the idea of how physical surroundings can affect perception. My background in textile design, as well as an interest in architecture, informs my choices in these pieces. This exploration of pattern, texture, color combination, and proportion are a means of giving importance to these rooms.